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#Radiohead Lends Song to ‘Homeless #PolarBear in London’ #GreenPeace #SaveTheArctic

Radiohead have partnered with Greenpeace for a poignant new ad that shows a homeless polar bear wandering around London, set to the fittingly unfitting soundtrack of “Everything In Its Right Place” from the Oxford band’s beloved album Kid A. With narration from Jude Law, the clip is being used to help raise awareness about oil companies looking to drill in the Arctic, a landscape already decimated by global warming.

"We have to stop the oil giants pushing into the Arctic," said Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke on the Greenpeace website. “An oil spill in the Arctic would devastate this region of breathtaking beauty, while burning that oil will only add to the biggest problem we all face, climate change. That’s why I’m backing this campaign.”

Preservation of our Endangered Wildlife | OMG!

Who is OMG or One More Generation?

One More Generation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered species and our environment. Our goal is to ensure all endangered species survive at least One More Generation… and beyond. Two students of the Fayette Montessori School founded OMG in Fayetteville, GA back in late 2009. The founders are Carter (now 10.5) and his Sister Olivia (now 9), who are both extremely passionate about animals and conservation.

We work hard at raising awareness to the issue of Plastic Pollution and the affects on all animals, to humans and to our environment. We also work with various agencies around the world seeking to provide the more than 1,000 species currently listed as Endangered or on the Threatened, list with the resources needed to ensure they survive at least One More Generation… and beyond.

Apr 3

Go WaterLess

A billion people currently lack access to clean drinking water. Levi Strauss & Co. and are committed to changing this. Starting March 22nd, Levi’s and will Go WaterLess. You too can join the partnership by visiting and taking the Go WaterLess challenge.

(via Bottle Schools [Hug It Forward, 501c3 non-profit])


Hug It Forward is a non-profit that empowers rural communities in Guatemala to build “bottle schools”. Bottle schools are schools built using plastic soda bottles and other inorganic trash.

Check it out and get involved with hugs and bottles!